Fire, mold, and water damage restoration is a cutthroat industry. The jobs can be enormous and extremely profitable, which is why the competition will stop at nothing to eat your lunch. It will take nothing but the best web design, SEO, and online marketing to compete.

That’s where we come in. Contractor Calls has successfully generated leads for fire, mold, and flood damage restoration companies in the most brutal markets in the country. Our team takes a holistic approach to online marketing that allows us to capture leads from clients who didn’t even know they needed your help.

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Did you Know?

In 2016, the keywords “San Diego water damage” were among Google AdWords’ top 10 most expensive searches. Just a single click would have cost you $381.65, whether it resulted in a job or not.

We successfully ranked a client for these keywords using SEO, at just a fraction of the cost.

SEO for Water Damage Restoration Contractors Demands Advanced Techniques

With high competition, several national players, and extremely large service areas, SEO for water damage restoration contractors can be very demanding.

Our first step is to research and develop in-depth content on a variety of topics. We’ll teach customers everything they need to know about water damage, and produce resources for your community that the national competition would never even think to publish.

Next, we’ll shift to building links from a wide variety of authoritative sources. We’ll help you find sponsorship opportunities that will make you a local hero, in addition to catapulting your SEO. Then we’ll reach out to national and local publications to get you on their radar.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The important part is where it ends: with you generating more calls for the services you love to provide, for much less than you would ever expect to pay.

To learn more, read up on how our system works or contact us for a bid today.